RECENZIE // Justin Timberlake revine cu un album așa și așa Recenzii

RECENZIE // Justin Timberlake revine cu un album așa și așa

Conform presei de specialitate, „Man of the Woods”, noul album semnat de Justin Timberlake a ratat șansa de a se face remarcat printre criticii de specialitate.

Pitchfork consemnează:

”It’s remarkable how few ideas are contained within this hour-plus Blue Ridge Mountains mood board of an album. Man of the Woods is a misstep large enough to merit relitigating Justin Timberlake’s status as a pop superstar. How much of his career should we chalk up to fortune, privilege, and an essential malleability? Is working with Pharrell Williams and Timbaland—pantheon-level producers who collaborated extensively with Timberlake at or near the peak of their powers, and continue to do so—an act of creative genius, or just kismet? There may be no definite answers. But Man of the Woods’ failure invites the questions. […]

Timberlake is performing at his second Super Bowl halftime show as a solo artist this weekend. He’s returning to the stage as an old family friend, one unblemished by the “wardrobe malfunction” that kneecapped Janet Jackson 14 years ago. The incident is a microcosm of Timberlake’s career: At no point has his ascendance been interrupted by anything like negative consequences. He played a pivotal role in one of this century’s defining TV controversies and was happily invited back to the scene of the crime little more than a decade later. He rush-recorded and released a massive two-part album to fulfill contractual obligations and was welcomed back into the music industry with arms wide open. He wore a full denim suit and cowboy hat on the red carpet; he played a crucial role in The Love Guru. None of it mattered. When you skate through your life unscathed, you accumulate hubris. And it takes a lot of hubris to make an album like Man of the Woods.”

(foto: New Yorker)

(text: Pitchfork)